TIL: How to update all package.json dependencies at once

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Short howto: update all npm dependencies using jq and xargs
Dependencies node.js and npm (obviously) jq xargs (may needs to be installed manually) Update all dependencies to their latest version: cat package.json | \ jq -r '.dependencies | keys[]' | \ xargs -I {} npm i -S {}@latest Update all devDependencies to their latest version: cat package.json | \ jq -r '.devDependencies | keys[]' | \ xargs -I {} npm i -S {}@latest Alias the commands for easier reuse To reuse the commands without having to remember them just put them into your .

I wrote a IOTA Wallet Seed Generator Tool

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UPDATE: i changed the source of the generator - if you want to see the updated source, please head over to the Github repo Because I needed a quick (and reasonable secure) way to generate IOTA wallet seeds, I wrote a tool in Go. this is the source code - so you can compile it yourself. you can also download it here (signature - my keybase profile). Feel free to leave any feedback :)

TIL how to use caddy as automatic https reverse proxy

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Short howto: download and configure caddy - an automatic https (!!!) webserver
Hey Blog! Long time no see… Today I will show you how to download and execute caddy - an automatic https web server and reverse proxy written in Go! be me. browse the interwebs. see caddy - a fully automatic https server togoodtobetrue.jpg write script to download caddy from their cdn and create a Caddyfile on a spare server itsworking.exe best day ever - free ssl certs with auto renewal

TIL how to run postgresql in docker and persist the database

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Today I needed a postgres database for development that persisted its data when recreating the container. That’s not docker’s default behaviour, but docker volumes to the rescue! This is the command to run a postgres container that persist it’s data in /var/yourpgdata: docker run \ --name pgresql \ -d \ -p 5432:5432 \ -e POSTGRES_USER=yourpguser \ -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=yourpgpass \ -e POSTGRES_DB=yourpgdb \ -v /var/yourpgdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data Fine… but what does this mean? Let me explain:

TIL how to rename/move folders in git projects

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Today I had the case that I wanted to rename a subfolder in a git-project at work. “Easy” I thought. Just rename the file in finder, stage all un-staged changes in SourceTree, commit and push. But… the only thing that happened was that SourceTree complained about not being able to find files in the old foldername. So I googled a bit and found a solution. How to really do it Just use git mv on the shell!