Games I like

This is a very personal list of games that I liked a lot.

Hollow Knight

Your home is where you keep your most prized posession - yourself. Therefore, your should make an effort to keep it nice and clean.

~ Zote

@dysi: I still have fond memories of us playing together and how adorably mad you were about ██████████’s betrayal.

Outer Wilds

Science compels us to explode the ███.

@dysi: we still need to find a way to erase our memories of this game so we can play it all over again! Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to swim with the anglerfishes one more “first time”? :)


Noclip - Video Game Documentaries has a video titled The Making of Outer Wilds - Documentary


This space is intentionally left blank.

@eqrx: Thank you so much for showing me this!


There’s a wonderful in-depth breakdown of what is going on in Signalis made by the youtuber Indie Xplorer.