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I am currently looking for volunteers to help maintaining node-cache, a cache library for node.js. If you are interested please send me a message to one of:


TIL how to run postgresql in docker and persist the database

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Today I needed a postgres database for development that persisted its data when recreating the container. That’s not docker’s default behaviour, but docker volumes to the rescue! This is the command to run a postgres container that persist it’s data in /var/yourpgdata: docker run \ --name pgresql \ -d \ -p 5432:5432 \ -e POSTGRES_USER=yourpguser \ -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=yourpgpass \ -e POSTGRES_DB=yourpgdb \ -v /var/yourpgdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data Fine… but what does this mean? Let me explain:

TIL how to (re)enable syncing your shared google calendars

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Today i opened my Calendar app on OS X and all my coworkers shared calendars had vanished… And there’s no option to re-enable them from within the app itself. After a short investigation I found this link: Just go there and tick all calendars you want to sync.

TIL how to rename/move folders in git projects

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Today I had the case that I wanted to rename a subfolder in a git-project at work. “Easy” I thought. Just rename the file in finder, stage all un-staged changes in SourceTree, commit and push. But… the only thing that happened was that SourceTree complained about not being able to find files in the old foldername. So I googled a bit and found a solution. How to really do it Just use git mv on the shell!

TIL that you need to remove your stopped Docker containers from time to time (and how to do it)

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If you ever developed with Docker, you have to acknowledge that it is great! Ok… you have to wrap your brain around an additional layer with all those caveats we know and love (volumes, path in- and outside of containers, …), but it lets you bundle all your dependencies at build time and then ship an image that will run in every docker-compatible runtime! When you develop with Docker and do a lot of start/stop/build actions you will inevitably clutter your Docker Host with many unused containers.

TIL why User emails should always be lowercased before using them as a login qualifier

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In one project at work we implemented a passwordless login where you enter your email and then prove that you own this email-account by clicking on the link we sent you. When I tried to log in with my (mistakenly uppercased) email-adress I got an email, but this was not my account… It was empty. Then it struck me. I used the entered email as a case-sensitive identifier to the account and obviously "Erdii@werise.